Tuesday, March 11, 2008

February: fragments 18 - 24

a woman who loves her man
gives indications in gifts
touch, looks, pleasure

changing him is not a possibility
if he wants to he’ll do it himself

a longer stride
a dancer’s skirt
a click of castanets

a pirouette
a twirl
a daughter

drunkenness at parties

people talking over the top
of one another, not listening


ego is largest who has
the most to say, the least

silence a protest, a value
watching, an entertainment

listening maybe amusing
frustrating when the story

is repeated over and over
in louder and louder voice


is it the cause or merely
the enhancer of buried character?

beyond the western sea

a big black dog, a flat road
in a valley between ferny hills

people with energy or lethargy
creating nervous conversation

waking to wood pigeons
& tuis, no traffic noise

a computer in a juke box
to stand at in between

shiatsu happening on the
front lawn & picnics

land agents visit, a party
one man creating havoc

stumbling, spilling beer
leaning into the wind

to drink or not to drink
that is the question

beauty in a movie of people
dying from the HIV virus

Yesterday building a hospital
away from the village to nurse

her estranged now sick, husband

to leave or not to leave
that is the question

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