Monday, March 31, 2008

March: fragments 43 - 52

Mozambique, Madagascar
or somewhere North for
rest & recovery, maybe
a discovery of who
& what I can be for
these years remaining
but I enter my world
of work & more work

Each day spins out of control
from that which I aim to do
to that which I actually do
I’m living an old life needing
change or rearrangement
a realignment of the stars
the situation grown stale
needing a gale to blow it over

old relationships don’t grow
but stultify & depress
that is the mess preferred
by those around me

Huia, that place to come
when all else leaves me glum

not visited for some time
I’d forgotten
how I made this place
& on to Whatipu with Katherine

now there is you
to say good-bye to

a small breath
an exchange of
mutual needs
concerning deeds
that need attending to

hope in a garden
cleared of debris
in preparation for
a future unknown

a day for this poet
the reading of a hundred pictures
so many more are left out

is that all life is?
one camera click after another
each month captured
in colour, sepia or black & white

most moments have colour
little is black & white
wouldn’t mind a little sepia
mellow, low lit & creamy

a foolish begging woman
wanting the return to our intimacy
you stand strong, fending off my rage
witnessing my agony
walking me to the gate

a short return to music
then leaving
I need words, conversation
& you

memories & photographs
always make me cry

a clean page
a handful of words
no more tears

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